Tinta Crayons Tea Set

Tinta Crayons Tea Set


Tinta Crayons Tea Set
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  • Tea Set F Lay Angle Hi Res

Tinta Crayons Tea Set


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Tinta Crayons are created by two Melbourne mums who want to produce a safe, natural crayon, without using palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes. Lots of research and testing has gone into creating the perfect mix of natural waxes to produce natural, sustainable crayons in fun shapes that withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour.

Special note from the Tinta Crayons Co-Founder “If your crayons have bloom (a white, dusty looking film), that is perfectly natural and is just the crayons breathing – it’s a sign of how natural and organic the crayons are. It wipes off with a dry cloth, or will evaporate if the crayons are exposed to heat.”


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