Tinta Crayons Enchanted Forest

Tinta Crayons Enchanted Forest


Tinta Crayons Enchanted Forest

Tinta Crayons Enchanted Forest


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Welcome to Tinta’s Enchanted Forest, a magical place that is home to some of our special friends!

Step through the green fairy door to a world of colour, with pink flowers and blue butterflies as far as you can see. Our yellow fairy, purple unicorn and orange elf friends are ready to say hello!


Each crayon measures approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm and 1cm thick

Special note from the Tinta Crayons Co-Founder “If your crayons have bloom (a white, dusty looking film), that is perfectly natural and is just the crayons breathing – it’s a sign of how natural and organic the crayons are. It wipes off with a dry cloth, or will evaporate if the crayons are exposed to heat.”


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