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Men’s Society Prosecco Lover Tasting Kit

    Men’s Society Prosecco Lover Tasting Kit


    Men’s Society Prosecco Lover Tasting Kit

      Men’s Society Prosecco Lover Tasting Kit


      Small batch of natural, dried botanicals, edible sparkle (silver leaf), two glasses, two coasters, notebook, pencil.

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      We’ve found a way to make Prosecco taste even nicer. Including edible glitter which brings a new meaning to the phrase “sparkling wine”. What we created was a proprietary blend of botanicals. Dried the natural way, mixed by hand and vacuum packed to preserve their flavour. A sprinkling in your wine infuses with and highlights the often subtle notes of your favourite Prosecco.
      Also included is edible silver leaf to add some extra panache to the moment; two hand-picked Prosecco glasses and a notebook and pen to record the experience.

      The packaging for this kit is a cylinder.

      Additional Information

      Weight .450 kg
      Dimensions 20 × 10 cm


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