Muuto – Kink Vase (Light Blue)

Muuto – Kink Vase (Light Blue)


Muuto – Kink Vase (Light Blue)
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Muuto – Kink Vase (Light Blue)


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The Kink Vase brings a contemporary form to the archetypal flower vase through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and playful design language. With its double opening, the Kink Vase adds a sculptural sentiment to the room, even when not in use. The design is made in porcelain that has been glazed on the inside for a refined touch.

Height: 26,3 cm

Width: 27,4 cm

Depth: 12,9 cm

Product Material
The Kink Vase is made in pigmented porcelain; unglazed on the outside, glazed on the inside. Small variations in the surface and color of the object are a natural and unique trait of the material.

Pigmented Porcelain
Pigmented porcelain is made by heating clay-type materials to high temperatures. The material has an elegant, porous finish.

Hand wash only with water or soapy water. The outside of the Kink Vase is raw and should not be cleaned using any object or cloth that can scratch its surface. Only use a wash cloth. Do not use brushes of any kind. Note that vigorous cleaning can damage the finish of the vase over time. Never use chlorine bleach products as it will damage the vase.

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