Cairo Kitchen Cookbook

    Cairo Kitchen Cookbook


    Cairo Kitchen Cookbook
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      Cairo Kitchen Cookbook


      A book of recipes from one of Egypt's iconic eateries, Cairo Kitchen.

      Cairo Kitchen, now one of Egypt’s popular eateries, was born at the cusp of the Arab Spring during a wave of views that shifted inwards. Rather than planning on what to bring to Egypt from her travels, author Suzanne Zeidy searched for how Egypt can offer its locals and expats a more authentic experience. A country with a colorful history from the Pharaohs to French colonialism and Italian influences, many staples of Egyptian cuisine survived through time, turning into classics and making their way across the Red Sea to the Hijazi homes of Macca and Madinah. The ‘Cairo Kitchen Cookbook’ was inspired by these magnum opi of Egyptian food, with each recipe accompanied by a brief history. Exclusively at The Lighthouse.

      Hardcover: 288 pages

      19.3cm x 26.8cm

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