The Lighthouse Conversations: An Introduction

The Lighthouse Conversations: An Introduction

We launched our podcast, The Lighthouse Conversations, today!

The podcast will serve as an on-demand audio series complementing ‘The Lighthouse Conversations,’ an interview series launched in 2017 taking place at The Lighthouse and featuring cultural entrepreneurs and tastemakers from around the Middle East. Other guests of ‘The Lighthouse Conversations’ have been the likes of Butheina Kazim, Founder of Cinema Akil, Nadine Kanso, Founder of jewelry brand BilArabi, Ghizlan Guenez, Founder of fashion retailer The Modist, Christine Macel, Chief Curator of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and Joey Ghazal, Founder of the Maine Oyster Bar & Grill.

Hosted by The Lighthouse Founder, Hashem Montasser, we aim to challenge and reshape some of the Western audiences’ common perceptions about the Middle East through fresh dialogue around arts, culture and entrepreneurship in the region.


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