About the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is an open platform, creating constantly evolving spaces and putting forward the latest in design experiments and materials and creating new connections by bringing together different creative disciplines from food to art.


Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, each location is inspired by its surroundings and has a unique menu designed to cater to its local community.


Delivering freshly baked, artisanal breads and more straight to your door. We’re baking it all, daily, from sourdough loaves and focaccias to cakes and popelinis.


A key space in all our restaurants, each store selection is focused on the gifting experience and is curated to take you on a journey of discovery.


The Lighthouse Conversations is a
bi-monthly podcast focused on the Middle East’s entrepreneurial and cultural landscape. Hosted by our co-founder Hashem Montasser, our topics and guests are as exciting as our food!


Integrating our food, design and brand ethos, we aim to create culinary experiences with inventive menus that cater to our clients’ specific needs and biggest cravings.


From pop-ups, brand launches and book signings, our spaces host inspiring events that foster collaboration and the free flow of creative ideas.

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