Gravitas Omega (Pack of 6)

Gravitas Omega (Pack of 6)

1,440 AED

Gravitas Omega (Pack of 6)
Out of Stock

Gravitas Omega (Pack of 6)

1,440 AED

Diagonal wine glass

Out of stock

Incorporating the Zalto Burgundy bowl, this glass features no base, push the glass to aerate the wine as it rolls in a circular motion. A flat edge on part of the bowl prevents it from rolling off the table.

H 23cm – 950ml

Lead free mouth blown glass. Dishwasher safe.

Additional Information

Dimensions 23 cm


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Zalto was established in 2006 in the Czech-bordering town of Neu-Nagelberg, Austria. The Zalto family, with its roots in Venice, has been in the glass-making business for centuries and relied in part on the vast knowledge of Father Denk, a priest and esteemed wine expert. Inspired by the tilt angles of the Earth, Zalto crafted an almost weightless hand-blown, lead free glass that is both timeless and elegant.

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