Bent Console

Bent Console
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Bent Console

Console / Custom made

Fungi console is made of a single beach wood plank obtained from an abandoned log with its fungi texture, preserved in extraclear resin resembling the winter ice that blocked the fungal activity. While one leg is in burnished steel, the other one uses the new Alcarol’s invisible corner joining, that ensures the continuity of both material, without visible separations between horizontal and vertical planes, like a single bent piece.

Beech wood with fungi texture, extraclear resin, burnished steel leg.

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Dimensions 90 x 53 x 156 cm


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Alcarol was established by award winning designers Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farra who combined their individual talents in 2011. The enchantment of their geo tag transcends into their creations as each Alcarol piece encapsulates the spiritual and physiological attributes of the nature it was found in, preserved almost pristinely in resin. The Alcarol technique involves cutting each wood panel and surrounding it in a pool of resin. Since its creation, this Italian brand has been contributing to the design sphere with visceral creations that evoke mystery and a sense of decadence and gothicism.

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